The things I see

Today when I was cycling over the Donnersbergerbrücke a small truck passed me by. The truck was loaded with very large wooden rolls coiled with coloured electrical wire. At the same time as seeing the miss-proportioned load on the truck, I also saw a life size, anatomically correct, bright yellow plastic elephant on a trailer that was being used to advertise telephones. It was a surreal moment, and when one is not horrified by this industrial baroque, then it is inspiring and lurking around every corner in big city life. Alternatly I am in Australia, at the beach or in the bush, or driving down an empty road in the middle of a vast space, taking in everything in big gulps to make it possible to survive the other months in Europe. I photograph habitually, have done since my teens. Film came in with digitalisation in the early 2000s. Capturing movement is like suspending time, looped in perpetum in my film work Nine. In making all my works I aim to condense and preserve the complexity of experience in response to the things I see.

Helen Britton 2016