Crazed Slobbering Monster: 10 New Works for America

They came charging down the channel of creativity that got hooked into my brain at an early age. First the donkey, fringed in grass and then the monster itself, eyes all a mess and laughing hysterically at the absurdity of life. There were juicy things to follow, a cornucopia of materials, puffy shapes with fluffy fringes. Funny works for tough times.

The world is overwhelming, and I bury myself in my creativity sometimes pursuing specific connections to place, sometimes letting in my anger at the stupid, ignorant cruelty of my own species, but this time going deep into the unexplored territory of my mind, following impulses of works that I could only just sense but not imagine. I took myself to my limits as the world outside my cellar studio darkened immeasurably. Despite the calming escape of creativity, I did not wonder that it was a crazed slobbering monster that came raging out of the depths of my mind at this point in our history.