The End of Doubt

There is an idea flitting around, floating past, stopping occasionally to show a little of the pattern on it’s wings, and then moving on before anything can be decided. At first it’s a mild distraction, nothing more. It’s hanging around though, always settling down for a little longer each time, demanding attention, and then at some point so alluring that there is no doubt that a chase will ensue. The signs appear, first the stomping and walking to and froth, hectic movements, chaos and distraction, and seemingly a great deal of inner restlessness. And then it starts seriously, the focus and can no longer be redirected, the idea is there, the pattern clear and nothing can stop the pursuit. Hunt the materials, wrestle them, coax them, and carefully encourage them to show their unique properties.┬áChase them down, through the city, through common suppliers or obscure shops, through the web, through a myriad of experiments each more time consuming and sometimes more bizarre than the last (this can take years mind) turning and spinning the idea through its possible material forms, through technical tricks, build tools and machines if necessary, find people with additional expertise when needed, until finally, miraculously, the first flitting glimpse becomes a pulsing, living thing, sitting on the table, autonomous and complete, and, without any trace of doubt, quite capable of leading a life of it own.

Helen Britton 2016

Published in “Twenty Years: David Bielander” 2017 Arnoldsche ISBN 978 389790 487 3